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LDKS (Student Basic Leadership Training)

LDKS (Student Basic Leadership Training) is an mandatory event held by school. It's a training about leadership, patriotism, and discipline. It was held for 3 days in PPI Supratman from Thursday, 21 September to Saturday, 23 November.

The first day, students gathered at Wiratama Field, PPI, Supratman Street to be sorted to their own classes. I got class F after sorted. Then we did an morning ceremony or apel pagi.

After that, we went to hall. We were welcomed by the soldier and we watched a film about PPI. There was also speeches from the Headmaster, Mrs. Yeni Gantini about Leadership, from Mr. Aat Soeratin about Indonesia's diversity, and from soldiers. Then we went back to Wiratama Field to practice line of march until afternoon. When the practice finished, we headed to our own class' barrack. My barrack name was Dharma 2.

In the afternoon, about 17.00 o'clock, the students are allowed to take a bath, then changed their outfit to dark shirt and PDL trousers. The stud…
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Hello everybody.

I'm Nadhira and Dhinda, this chance we are going to tell you about Singapore Flyer more.
Singapore Flyer is a giant ferris wheel located at 30 Raffles Avenue, Singapore. It's the biggest ferris wheel in Asia, with its height reaching 165 meters.
Relax with your friends and family by seeing spectacular view, such as Helix Bridge, Marina Bay Beach, and Malacca Strait.
You can also dine in the capsul while looking at the view. It's called skydining. The foods range from vegan, chinese, to western.
Feeling tired or hungry after taking a spin? Don't worry! You can find any restaurants and hotels around Singapore Flyer.
That's for all, if you need more information, visit
Thankyou and goodbye!

This the picture of Singapore Flyer drawn by us.

Holiday Plan

School holiday is near, yay! I and Faza are talking about our own holiday plan.

N: "Faza, school holiday is near! Do you have any plan in this holiday?"
F: "Hmm.. I want to go to BTS Concert in Singapore. How about you, Nad?"
N: "Wow, what a great plan! I think i would do a culinary tour in Bandung."
F: "Which restaurant you will come to?"
N: "I would go to UPNORMAL, Pizza Hut, Sweet Belly, Chingu Cafe, and many more. Do you have any other plan, Faz?
F: "I will do a tour in Singapore, like visiting the iconic Merlion Statue, Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Island, and of course, playing at the Universal Studios Singapore!"
N: "That's such a fun and interesting plan!"
F: "What's your other plan?"
N: "I will hangout with my Elementary School Friends. By the way, when will the concert held and how many days you will spend in Singapore?"
F: "That will be held in 20th of December …

My aggravating experience

Hi! It's me again. Today i want to share my experience in my 3rd grade in elementary school. It's an aggravating experience.

   I still remember the day when that happened. It was 11.50 AM on Tuesday. Class was finished an we can go home. At that moment i usually go to school and picked up by my mutual taxibike. His name is Sir Widodo but i usually call him Pakdhe. He is old. About 65 years at that moment. He had so many mutual customers.

   I waited Pakdhe as usual, sitting in the front of school, played and chatted with some friends.

   One hour had passed, Pakdhe hadn't came and pick me. My friends were already picked up, So i sat alone in front of the school. Sometimes, if i was bored i walked around in school.

   It's about 2.30 PM and Pakdhe still hadn't came. I felt very worried, and bored at the time. I had no phone at that time. So i couldn't call him. I kept thinking 'Where is Pakdhe?','How can i go home?'. And my stomach started to…

Conversation with Adila Rildova

I want to go to library and i asked someone because i didn't know the location of library.
Nadhira: "Hello, excuse me! Can you tell me where is the library?" Adila: "Sure, i want to go to there too. Wanna come with me?" Nadhira: "Okay." Adila: " By the way, what's your name? My name is Adila." Nadhira: "My name is Nadhira. What will you do in the library?" Adila: "I want to borrow an English book? What about you?" Nadhira: "I want to borrow an economy book." Adila: "Really? Last time i asked the librarian he said that the book was out of stock." Nadhira: "Oh pity, maybe i will just buy the book at the book store." Adila: "So you still want to come?" Nadhira: "Oh, yes. I want to read a book there too." Adila: "Okay, let's go!"
After we went to the library, the bell rang and we were heading to class.
Adila: "I think it's time to go back to class.&q…

My Profile

    My name is Nadhira. You can call me Nadhira. I am 14 years old. I was born in Bandung, on 12th December 2002. I am a student at 3 Senior High School Bandung in 10th Grade. I graduated from 5 Junior High School Bandung in 2017 and graduated from Sabang Elementary School Bandung in 2015. I had so much fun in junior highschool. I hope in i can go to ITB (Bandung Technology Institute) after i graduated from 3 Senior High School Bandung. My hobbies are drawing, playing games, and singing (although it was a bad singing lol).

    I'm going to tell you about my activity. I wake up in the morning at 4.50 A.M. I pray, take a bath, change clothes, and eat breakfast. After that, I go to school by motorcycle at 6 A.M. When it's Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, school ends at 3.00 P.M. In Tuesday, school ends at 2.15 P.M. and on Friday, school ends at 11.40 A.M. On Monday and Thursday, I go to SSC (it's about learning course) after school ends.

Now it's time to say goodbye. …